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Tony, land access and land use issues are of great importnace to me... I'm wearing a tshirt right now supporting a land access group, Utah Four Wheel Drive Association. I also support Blue Ribbon coalition, participate in fundraising/membership drives, trail maintenance and cleanups. I don't care if I ever get to all the trails I want to run (and there are plenty), but keeping public lands open for the public is very important. YES, the bad apples get all the attention. We work with private land owners, Forest Service and BLM, and even state and county officials. One of the clubs I participate in gets notice from the BLM for our efforts. We have adopted a couple of trails here in Utah, and wish we could adopt more. Maybe in time. I just hate seeing folks riding their ATVs and dirt bikes off trail and I try to talk with them where I can. For most, if they KNOW what they are doing is wrong, they change their ways. Another group I'm with is very active at recovering stuck vehicles that are in places they shouldn't be, or tried to get somewhere in a vehcile not capable of being where they got it. Excellent opportunity for education and a very humbling experience for them.

I like that site, I also am over The Ranger Station, Explorer Forum, BroncoII-Ranger, Rough Rangers, and a couple other RBV forums. I see some upgrade potential with the
A4LD trans, even bringing up to a more modern standard internally. I've discussed this with my transmission expert buddy... I wheel with Jeep guys, and a few Explorer guys. I will say there is a big size difference between the early Explorers and my ZJ. There are some places tight enough that my ZJ is about the longest wheelbase I can take through areas. The Ranger is nimble enough that it would be fine, but the Ex wouldn't stand a chance. Though most areas it won't matter. It would be nice to have a different sort of arrow in the quiver. And the Totegote is certainly a different arrow too.
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