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Originally Posted by MazdaMatt View Post
Again, thanks for putting it all together.
You're welcome.

Based on parts look-up, Ford just slapped in the exact same 3-speed C6 as they use with gasoline engines - no adjustment for diesel's much lower power band.

I'd still try to find a good, (probably not Ford Service Center) transmission mechanic (does nothing but work on transmissions, transfer cases and differentials) to discuss this with. At worst you'll waste some time tracking one down and talking to him. At best, he'll tell you that you need a $90 Transmission Shift Kit, $40 Transmission filter, xx(12?) qts fluid @ $3 per quart and 2 hours @ labor rate and life will be dramatically better. I'm not saying that's the case, but it is entirely possible that it's the case. Putting in a shift kit isn't the same thing as rebuilding a transmission. I know it's not very labor intensive on some transmissions, but have no idea about C6. I'm also completely not sure that it would address your problem, but I notice that only diesel engines are listed as compatible with the above kit!

Again, good luck. Have a great day.
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