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Originally Posted by NoCO2 View Post
That's great, I weigh about 200lbs (give or take some depending on what I ate that day) so I could probably expect between 18-20mph from what it sounds like using that kit you used. I am mechanically inclined, but honestly a bit lazy so something that just bolts on would really be ideal since I don't have time these days with all my schooling to do much else other then study and work and occasionally tinker with things on the weekends.
The speed would also depend on what kind of bike you put it on. I have it on a road bike. If you put it on a mountain bike it would be slower due to weight and tire size. I was hoping it would be a little faster but it does cut my commute time down considerable on shorter, less then 10 mile, commutes. I'm also pleased with the battery life. Although I do not just run on battery power only I have yet to dig very deep into the batteries with recharge time less then 1 1/2 hours.
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