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Info on Elsbett one tank system in a Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel??

I've got my eye on a 5cyl 1983 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel that has an Elsbett one tank veggie oil system already installed.

For the life of me I can't find a good place where there are a lot of users talking about this setup. There doesn't seem to be an Elsbett forum that I've found. (As opposed to the other two-tank systems made by frybird, plantdrive, etc)

Does anyone here have any experience or first hand knowledge of running the Elsbett system in cold weather like here in Wisconsin?

My plan would be to blend the WVO with diesel in the winter since it is a one tank system. I would also be running a block heater for easier startups.

I know enough about WVO/SVO and biodiesel at this point.

For now, I'm looking for more first/second-hand experience, feedback and tips about keeping the car running well with the Elsbett system in the colder climates.

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