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Running on Air

I had a thought, and I wanted to run it by you guys first to see the viability of it.

I was thinking of cutting 2 slats or 1 large one in the hood in scoop form. Pulling the air in and running it through a wind turbine. I would think driving at around 50 would provide enough wind flow to spin it pretty decent.

Let's say I was running on a 96v pack. How much would I need to produce from the turbine to 1) slow the drain, 2) keep the drain at par, and 3) actually charge the battery pack.

I'm terrible with numbers and I'm not an electrician. So far I've gathered at 40mph I'd be getting around 1200 watts IF the turbine was unobstructed and that was the true pull (unlikely).

Here's the other problem. The motor is magnetic and the turbine has magnets. Is the proximity too close to where they would interfere? (say 2ft away or more)

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