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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
I suspect that this is why that todays cars are on average what seems like 4.5 " - to over 6" taller than cars from just a decade ago.

Have you ever seen a new Fit / Scion / or even a Prius next to an older Civic or Metro ?

I'm going to create a seperate post about this ( trying to get guesses as to why that the cars are becoming so tall and narrow ) It makes them look cartoonish.
( I had read of designers creating things larger for Americans increasing hip sizes, but it strikes me as odd that cars are increasing more in height vs. width )

Back on topic folks : About the wheel skirts, is it possible to create a lip that seals the gap when the wheel is turned, or does the arch of the turn prohibit this ? It seems like this would be a good way to keep air from catching the assembly and tearing it off .... then again you could use heavy duty springs like BassJoos
My guess is that the height is increasing because that is what the humans are doing. Every generation is taller than the last. If you ever look at 50's furniture, it's much much shorter than furniture now. The same with houses and doorways.

The "trendy" cars aren't getting any wider or longer, because here in the US, we are following the Europeans in the need/desire for cars that have a smaller physical footprint.
We want to be able to fit more cars in our driveway, into smaller parking spots, and be able to squeeze into the tiniest gap in rush hour traffic.
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