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Is it possible or even necessary to attach a tachometer to the ignition coil in my 94 XFi? Below is a photo of what the coil looks like:

The coil is mounted on the firewall and a 2 wire cable connects to it from the vehicle. My Chilton's 1985-2000 Repair Manual for Chevy Sprint/Metro, Geo Metro and Suzuki Swift reads as follows under Idle Speed & Misture Adjustments:

1994 - 00

The 1994 - 00 engines covered by this manual utilize sophisticated fuel injection systems in which an engine control computer utilizes information from various sensors to control idle speed and air/fuel mixtures. No periodic adjustments are either necessary or possible on these systems.....

Yesterday I purchased the 1994 Geo Metro Factory Service Manual off of eBay and I should receive it the later part of next week.

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