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Just some thoughts.
I have had some experience with tire rub on the inside on a van and a VW type 3 both of which I have owned for 30+ years. (resulted from tire profile change.)

If the rubbing can be made to happen on the tire tread I seriously doubt you will ever hurt the tire as it rubs on the road 100% of the time.

I would try just fabricating with metal for the rub area as it can be very thin and steel strong which will minimize the actual contacts by keeping a maximum amount of clearance between the tire and the skirt. On my VW I installed a 1/16th inch thick teflon rub sheet and in a few years the teflon had a hole in it. Once the tire hit the metal of the car the area has just stayed shiny and there is no indication that it is ever going to wear through.

In both of my cases the rub is trailing edge and only at very slow speeds and at near full lock. But the car certainly doesn't move away with the contact.

It is interesting that the solar racers all seem to use height to get the best cd. Obviously they have more control over the shape of things. I think it is the the solar car from McGill University that has full wheel fairing that just sort of "fly out" on there own in turns. Now, that might be a great way to get to know the local traffic officers. Wave at them in the corners with your front fenders.

Looking good.
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