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It looks probable that we'll be taking Olivia, and not the Bomber (our '94 Buick Roadmaster wagon ) on our planned family vacation during the upcoming holidays. So I want to get some more aerodynamic mods done on Olivia before that happens. This afternoon I decided to emulate Daox and box in that space between the bumper and radiator. I want to do this before installing an underbody tray.

If you didn't see it in my other thread, I got a stack of coroplast signs from a local candidate;

So I started cuttin' and fittin'.

Yeah, it was a little chilly, hence the half-fingered gwuvies.
Okay, it's not as exciting as a 'look how big my electric motor is that I'm gonna put in my Metro' picture, but I couldn't resist the classic foot-in-the-picture-for-reference shot.

I couldn't extend the right side as high as the left because of the AC accumulator being in the way.
And here it is installed;

Yeah, I've still got Goldie and her funky wheels. If interested, see more about it here.

It stays in place with absolutely no screws in it at all. We'll see if it flutters or moves while driving...
Well, Knight Rider is about to start. See ya.

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