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ahhh....the wonderful world of cheap fuel...

Hello fellow Ecomodders!

Around here we're not usually looked on too favorably, but you learn to deal with it after a while. I've become one of those folks who always drives dead-on the speed limit, if not slower. Doing this, in combination with coasting up to stops, allowed me to get a max of 22 mpg out of a 1989 Jeep Cherokee (with 250,000 miles, no less!), and an average of roughly 19.5 mpg.

Recently traded the old faithful Cherokee off for a 1994 Isuzu Trooper. The 3.2L SOHC V6 just seems like a complete dog compared to the trusty 4.0L I6 in the Jeep, but we're learning to adjust. I also cut waaaayy back on the amount of driving I do, so I'm still working on the first tank of fuel in the Trooper. No word yet on mileage.

Looking for some good mods to get started on. I was sucked into this forum by a thread about modding a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and found some pretty good info. Now if I could only find it again......some aero mods are certainly needed on this rolling brick.

Long story short.....Hello everyone! I'm always open to opinions/ideas, have some great Jeep knowledge for anyone interested, and am planning my HHO installation for the Trooper (or a turbo....anyone have ideas?)

*flak jacket on*

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