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re front lic plate

I was trying to respond to a old thread about light 87 crx hf weld wheels
and lost my pass word and had to wait and found this thread on this soon to be broken plexi cover my 91 crx hf I simply crimped top of plate 1/8" in vice at about 60 deg and roled the plate and cuped it out tword the front and butterfly ed the lower center and lower corners so as to make for less frontal area but not to exceed the 15 degrees of stall ( in flight school they said over 15 degrees of raise or drop in wing surface(look up cd on dc 3) starts seperation burbles and stall turbulance so I think that this much angle will cause a burbulation under and over the car (hurting the aero)

the milage increase will (in this case be like a sugar pill) the new owner of this soon to be cracked plastic will be thinking eco so he/she will develop a 2.5 percent beter way to drive regardles of the efecttive/uneffective product added.?/?
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