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I forgot to explain that... rotating losses occur in manual transmissions because the gears (and their related shafts) are always spinning.. they're always in contact w/ the input shaft, regardless of what gear you're in... even neutral.

When you put the tranny in gear, you're actually engaging (via a lever) a set of "dog's teeth" to the side of the gear, which is attached to the output shaft, and causes the gear's motion to translate to the output shaft and eventually to the tires...

This is still rotating weight, but mostly in the same sense as a belt drive... it's parasitic. It still takes power (allbeit minimal) to turn those gears constantly, power which could otherwise be used for something else, i.e. propulsion.

The weight advantage comes from the fact that it is in fact rotating... it's like lightening the crank pulley.. less inertia.

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