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Shown to scale, that thing is about an inch and a half long... maybe a little shorter.. (looks to be about 40mm) The motor, that is.

One of the comments suggests that the drive gearing would be "lossy", however... that person is obviously not thinking... most vehicle transmission are three-stage setups anyway, in that there is a drive gear, and a driven gear, making the first ratio, then the initial driven gear becomes the drive gear, and the final drive (or rear gears) become the driven gear, making the second stage... can anyone guess the third stage?

Yes, your tires are essentially another gear ratio.

That said, 2nd gen CRX HF gears with Cat dozer tires (6 feet diameter, smallest) would be sufficient, I'd think.

Reducing weight could be acheived with laptop batteries, although somewhat expensive... I don't know if you could get them "recycled" and rehab them or not... but they're drycell, Li-Ion batteries, relatively light per their power output, and tend to last longer on cooler temps.. however, probably not excessively cold.

Not to mention the fact that they're deep cycle by nature.

PS, not to thread jack here, but I just got a CRX Si that I'm thinking of working on... I have a few thoughts for where I want the project to go, but EV's are something I've been toying with for a few years now.
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