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Originally Posted by bryn View Post
yes i know the difference between cd and cda

so the van is a whopping 5'6" tall, 5'7" wide at its widest (not including mirrors,still counting airspace under car) actual frontal area is pretty close to 30sq ft.

depending on your needs, it is a good shape. do you want to bring 6 friends in your metro, depends on your friends i guess.
i can fit full sheets of plywood inside the van, compaired to a pickup, or stacking them on the roof of a car. aero is going to be much better.
These vans began life as the Pontiac Trans Sport and was a real aero coup when it hit the marketplace.Cd0.30 is what I have for that form.There's very little lateral curvature to the windshield but other than that,the constant-rake front end is still kinda the aero benchmark for minivans.Critics really hammered these vehicles on interior space utilization,with the enormous dashboard expanse.----------------- Klemperer got his "brick" down to Cd0.16.If the last 30% of the roofline and sides were boattailed ala Mair and NASA,one could probably push the Cd into sub-0.2 territory.She wouldn't carry as much,but she'd be tough on the gas station.----------- I see a few around.I like 'em!
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