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Dude, this is actually pretty common... they don't actually remove the feature, they remove access to it.

Changing most Honda ECU's from auto to manual is as simple as moving a few jumpers in the ECU itself... The Honda radio wiring schematic hasn't changed for years, if your Civic came w/o a tach, you can add it from another gauge cluster, or simply swap clusters, the foglight option already includes the wiring on all models, both for the switch and the lights themselves... etc.

My dad's '98 S10 didn't come with fog lights, but has the wiring for the switch in the OEM location, just plugged into a "blank" on the dimmer panel.

Only supplemental systems are ever deleted for feature changes... like one model of my car had power windows... but it was a supplemental wiring harness, so it was removed on models that weren't OE with it. Same with power locks and power folding mirrors.

Whenever you see a feature on a car that matches yours, and you want it, look on your car... that $5k option might only cost you a few hundred to install yourself. (parts and install time)

I used to have a '88.5 Escort GT... it had the vehicle maintenance indication system in it... my friend had a '89 GT as well, but it did not have that system... apparently it was an option or something... we removed the center console, and found that it already was prewired for it.. changed the console to mine, and put my monitor in, and it worked fine, without a single glitch... yet I'm sure it cost about $1000 extra back in the day to have something so "hi-tech" installed.
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