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Originally Posted by dichotomous View Post
right but to build it out of anything even semi permanent is going to cost more than that...

though, 6% is a good number, and nickle and diming works both ways so it could help to lead up to an impressive deal. but wouldnt a small roofline extension and short side extensions give almost all the same benefit? (I felt I should actually add something productive instead of whining about a giant kamma) cause thats something that would more likely be put on more vans an such, a few short little extensions could look cool even
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That said, a few short extensions likely will have nowhere near the same magnitude of effect. Over a 10 year lifespan, $50/year is $500.... And if you get another minvan, odds are that if you built it in the first place, you can adapt it to the new one

Kidding aside

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Going from 100 to 200mpg isn't as effective as going from 10 to 11mpg This is why I think we should be using gallons per 100 mile rather than mpg. It's much easier to see the difficulty in sipping less fuel when the asymptote is 0 and not some unknown mpg number

21.5mpg = 4.65 g/100mi
23mpg = 4.34 g/100mi

100mpg = 1.00g/100mi
Cars have not created a new problem. They merely made more urgent the necessity to solve existing ones.
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