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Originally Posted by trebuchet03 View Post
Since $50 is nothing, please paypal $50 to my eMail address (trebuchet03 at gmail dot. com)

That said, a few short extensions likely will have nowhere near the same magnitude of effect. Over a 10 year lifespan, $50/year is $500.... And if you get another minvan, odds are that if you built it in the first place, you can adapt it to the new one

Kidding aside

Car Talk

Going from 100 to 200mpg isn't as effective as going from 10 to 11mpg This is why I think we should be using gallons per 100 mile rather than mpg. It's much easier to see the difficulty in sipping less fuel when the asymptote is 0 and not some unknown mpg number

21.5mpg = 4.65 g/100mi
23mpg = 4.34 g/100mi

100mpg = 1.00g/100mi
BOO!!! as much as I enjoy memorizing random integers (3, 5280, 12, etc...) I would still prefer seeing us switch to L/100 Km. I've heard some other countries have already converted to the metric system! haha.
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