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Originally Posted by almightybmw View Post
just a quick look at the aura, and I'm going to say the transmission will not bolt straight up. GM did bad things with certain engine lines, like the one in your '04 impala. I'm assuming you have the 3.8? yeah, you'd think the older, lesser 3.4 or 3.1 would utilize a similar block, but it doesn't. All 3 use different transmissions (although I think the 3.4 and 3.1 can interchange).

Always wondered why they were floundering, now I know.....

Heh, GM did many bad things, and quite a few good things. I did not get the 3.8 since I knew it was a lot thirstier than the 3.4, as well as not having had good luck with a 3.8 in a prior vehicle. Sadly, all the big 3 are floundering, and all due to union mismanagement and plain and simple greed in the direct management practices (3 private jets to DC ring a recent bell????)
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