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i use to be a tire tech / still sorta am i guess... so i take this you are doing it at home and you do not have a tire machine ? okay heres a redneck way i guess you could call it. what ill tell you is what will basicly work for you because you do not have the equipment.

1. stretch both beads. you said the tires from tirerack the beads are probably close together. get some pieces of 2X4 or whatever else you have like large thick books and put them inbetween the two beads to stretch them out. let them sit like that for a day

2. try to expose them to heat if you could because rubber stretches out if given heat.

3. remove the valve core inside the valve stem. there a is a little tab and if you do not have the tool ( you can get it at k-mart for like 2 bucks) use a small pair of needle nose pliers to take the core out, the core comes out by turning it counter clockwise. with the valve core out it will allow more air to enter the tire quicker. (NOTICE: SOME air chucks wont let air come out unless there is a valve core on the stem)

4. Lube both beads up with soapy water.

5. compress both sides of the tread of the tire and blast away at the air.

6. if the beads still wont catch the air get a ratchet tie strap and start ratcheting away. note that when the air flow is going into the tire its pushing down on the bottom bead before the top. you want to get air to hit both of the beads at the same time to make it easier. most tire machines have a bead blaster equipped to them so it gives an additional air shot toward the top bead when you give it air. so if you hear where the air is coming out just push in on that side and give it your best shot.

good luck, keep an eye on your fingers. i couldnt imagine how painful it would be if your finger got caught while a bead popped.
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