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I just picked up the 500-watt version of this heater. I live in Minneapolis (it gets COLD here), and have to park my car outside, year-round, but have an outlet to plug into. I am sick and tired of going out to a frozen car when it's below zero outside. I bought this item from an outfit in Redding, Calif. and when the package arrived by UPS, it looked like this item could have been sitting on a shelf for 20 years or more. The illustrations on the box and the instruction sheet are really old-fashioned looking. Kinda weird. But anyway, the item is actually made in USA, which is cool.

My car is a 1990 Acura Integra (Honda Prelude). I can see that there is very little room in the engine bay to mount this thing. But I think I can see a spot that might work. I have studied the instruction sheet that came with the heater, and also the heater hoses in my engine bay. If I understand all of this correctly, my best bet is to tie this unit into the heater core INLET hose. That way, the Kat's heater will be heating/pumping warm coolant into the heater core, and from there it will be returning to the engine block, circulating around the cylinder jackets, and out to the heater core again. Does that sound right?
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