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Talking The Fieros are coming! - And an EXP

I signed up last night. Although my primary hypermile car is an 87 Ford EXP I also have a Fiero SE that is beating the estimates by 14%. I keep track of my mileage at here since this it is the first forum of this type that I found. I have been averaging 28.5 mpg in the Fiero and 37.3 in the EXP. My best recorded tanks were 41.5 for the EXP and 31.978 for the Fiero.

Now the cars. The EXP has undergone a few modifications that most people will never see.

1987 Ford EXP

Before the undertray:


I have just started my first full tank of gas with the new mod today. I'll post the results at the next fill-up.


This is my 1987 Fiero SE (RACE at Pennock's Fiero Forum)
I love this car and I drive it without regard for mileage but it does well without even trying. The purpose of this car is fun. It can turn gasoline into adrenalin if driven properly.

This is roughly what the bottom of the car looks like.

This is how I intend to clean it up with undertrays.

Hopefully it will help with high crosswind stability as well. The car is so light that when the wind gusts over 40, and is perpendicular to the road, it moves around more than I would like.

Anyway hello everyone. I look forward to learning from you all.


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