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Originally Posted by Sideblinder View Post
For that application it is a fabulous idea. They say on the page that in Texas heat on midday they get 1/2 hour out of it. That's most of your vehicles useful driving time.

Any air conditioning solution will add at least the same weight....
Heck yea it a fabulous idea! Consider my situation... '96 Metro, 1-1/2 hour commute in the July or August heat sitting stop and go traffic and it's over 98 degrees. If there's a traffic accident, my commute gets even longer. Not every day mind you, but when we experience a summer heat wave 3x per summer, where it's over 102 for 3-4 days straight, my commute is a warm one. During days like that, if given a choice I'd gladly reduce my mpg to 20 in exchange for some cool air in my face. I could just pull off to a store and get another bag of ice! The rest of the time the unit sits in the garage.

Adding A/C to my old metro would cost 30%-60% of it's value, and not raise it's resale value much more than 15%. Replacing the metro with another car just for A/C seems, I don't know, going the wrong direction. Not to mention the equipment would be hauled around during three seasons when I don't want or need it, yet there is is, ~60lbs of stuff, slightly reducing my FE and certainly reducing my already turtle-like acceleration.

thanks for the link, I am going to turn that into a spring project with my kid.
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