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Yes it exists but is not yet marketable, the goal was an inefficient solar material that cost the same as paint making it stupid not to impliment, now to see if I can find the linky.

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
I thought I had read somewhere about photovoltaic paint... that someone was experimenting with it, trying to turn the paintjob on their car into a giant solar cell... I'm not sure how this would work, but it might be something worth looking into...

If nothing else, you could have the most expensive paint job on the block...
Also I would argue that solar panels on an electric vehicle are NOT a waste!

The electric to drive a car is very cheap but the lead acid batteries sulphating while you sit at work are very expensive. One set of lead acid traction batteries would easily pay for several relatively small solar float charging systems.

The main advantage of a small solar panel is to pulse desulphate and float the batteries while you sit keeping your most expensive investment from wearing out as quickly. This is assuming you sit at work during the day like I do.

If your out at night no dice.
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