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Yeah. Most of those driving tips I do when I drive. Sometimes I am in a hurry and feel rushed and don't apply the gas saving driving but I'm doing better here and there. Most of the time I shift at 2k rpm, barely put the foot on the gas pedal, and leave it in gear and downshift without hitting the gas to slow down and slow down way before the light/stop. Not a whole lot I can increase as far as driving habits until I get one of those Scan Guages. That will show my bad spots. For highway I have recently been following about 50-75 feet behind semi's to catch their wind breakage and draft them. Mythbusters did a test and 100 feet behind they still got a gain which I'm sure you guys have seen. The best I've gotten is 45.9mpg. I know I can hit 46-47 for a whole averaged tank but that'd be the highest for a completely stock TDI with 0 mods and a mix between city and highway driving. I guess the mileage is about 1/4 city and 3/4 highway.
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