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Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
The emissions crap crucifies diesels in everyway. they put huge restraints on emissions that drive down their efficiency and then restrictions on the diesel itself making it more expensive.

Some emissions policies are idiotic. They reduce emissions everything equal, but they reduce MPG enough that you come out in the same place and its just more expensive to drive. If you instead put the money to refining ICE tech it'd be better spent. Making ICE 1% more efficient would reduce emissions so much more than emissions standards because there are tons of engines that do not have to conform to EPA but everyone wants better efficiency.

<edit>Most countries do not follow EPA(China India) but they would definitely follow a more efficient engine.
Even Japan has more relaxed standards. Which is most JDM vehicles have higher MPG and HP than their USA, EU counterparts.
I suggest you do a little research into what you speak because you are more than a little off base in more than one area. Engine manufacturers do not employ retards in their engineering departments, if their strategies did not work, they would simply do nothing instead.
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