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Originally Posted by Duffman View Post
Ian, most measure grams of pollution per HP. There is no doubt that emission control devices cause engines to burn some more fuel, but I have seen comments like his on various other forums, such as how can burning more fuel reduce emissions? Well it can and does, go do some research or ask a question before spreading mistruths and acting like you have a PhD in the process. We all become stupider every time we read mis-information, I donít stand for it.
Not true. . .It's per RPM which is not equal to horsepower. Go get tested. They will monitor your rpms and find out how much your outputting.

Besides. . .there are alot more considerations than just your engine. . . that's myopic.

Consider how many pollutants are created in simply acquiring the fuel itself and getting it here. . .drill it out, transport it to the us. refine it, transport it to your gas station. If we speak only of your car then I spoke false. If we consider the entire equation the more fuel you consume the more emissions you create and thats the single biggest factor. Reducing emissions reduces MPG argue that if you like but I'm just going to ask you to disconnect everything at your catalytic converter and test it for a day(be careful if the pipe is too short you can distort the pipes in the temperature differential).

Emissions come from drilling facilities, power plants that create the power to do the drilling refining transporting whatever and then the emissions of cargo vessels and diesel trucks that haul it to station. When you want to talk about a global issue you can't just look at your car.

If you want to save the environment you save fuel first over everything else. period. greater MPG= fewer emissions in the grand scheme.
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