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And I never said that engineers were retards. NEVER. I am one. Politicians who pass EPA policies are.

They think that because they reduce car emissions by half they reduce emissions. Not true. We burn more fuel which causes more drilling(read more pollution than your tailpipe), causing more international shipping(read more pollution), which forces more refining(read substantial amounts of pollution) and finally it forces more trucks to haul gasoline and diesel around. If you cut fuel consumption in every car in half then you reduce emissions by a much larger factor because you also mitigate those other suppliers of pollution.

The engineers, not retards, say let's just produce engines that are absolutely the most efficient possible. Then you can ignore international treaties about emissions because it won't matter. You have to FORCE people to follow emissions(and then they always cheat and get around it). People WANT to use more efficient engines. All you have to do to drop emissions radically is produce engines that use less fuel rather than any policies or any other non-sense that is not properly considered.
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