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Yeah sure I would be glad to. It's from the thread Newbie Pitch over on the ecomod central.
assume an onboard generator rated for say. . .100 KW.
4 AC/DC(whichever would be preferable( I don't have alot of practical background(Ac obviously has the generator direct advantage but the generator would also need to juice batteries when sitting) motors capable of getting a 2,000 lb car to 60 mph in under 8 seconds, and top speed around 80-90. Also assume a few extra batteries. . .2-3 to recover idling juice, braking, and coasting down enormous hills(Sam's Gap in East TN).

I'm asking mostly for user-experience because. . .well I know ICE specs and what they mean very well but. . .ICE and electric torque and horsepower are different animals. I dunno how much HP I need or torque I need out of the electrics.

It would be for a Honda Del Sol slightly heavier than normal(say 100-200 lbs)(That said I weigh 139 lbs clothed and soaking wet) and would be the only propulsion for the vehicle.

The idea is keep the ICE run a generator and run Stirling Engines off the exhaust gas heat(directly beside the engine) and as close to the engine as I can get. Use several Stirling Engines to reclaim around 50 KW so the ICE only has to pump out 50-75 KW instead of 100 KW. Also all drive train components would be ripped out to save weight and replaced with E-motors attached directly to the wheel chassis(with standard lug nuts).
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