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Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
two. . .
USDA's New Ethanol Energy Ratio where I got the other data(we'll just assume its wrong)).
Assume their wrong??? No it doesn’t work that way, you don’t like my link then you show one that supports you data. Your link reinforces my data:

(2) Replacing a gallon of gasoline replaces about one quarter more energy than in the gallon, becasue fossil used to make gasoline.

Note 1/0.8 = 1.25 the number I used.

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
I don’t care about China, 1) they don’t follow EPA regs, 2) None of my fuel comes from China, if anything, China imports Fuel from North America. 3) Lets see some links to the data instead of some random numbers on the screen.

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
Two large issues.
1st and most obvious. Just because they deliver 1 million BTU's does not mean you get out 1 million BTU's. you get 400,000 BTUs(using the most advanced ICE piston engine ever).

They take the BTU reading from the chemical reaction of burning gasoline. You only get to access on a great day 40% of that. so multiple your numbers by two and then we'll talk that source.
Why are you throwing efficiency at me, if a car only gets 40 mpg instead of 100 mpg its because efficiency is already factored in, I said a 25% increase, when you are dealing with % increases and decreases it doesn’t matter what the base number is. For someone who is adamant pollution control devices create more pollution than they abate, you sure don’t have credible resources handy to support it.
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