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COSMO OIL | Sustainability Report 2006 | Site Data : Chiba Refinery

Sorry I did not mean to leave that out. I had it in the middle and then cut it. . .and forgot to do the pasting at the end.

As for the zfacts website I read that incorrectly(and I apologize again) and meant Ok I will start over, not I assume your sources are unreliable. Sorry I had 3 thanksgiving events to hit from 4-9, and I hosted one at noon and was just a little too tired.

But following your data. . .if it still takes 5 GGE to produce 4 gallons of gas(the ratio is worse for diesel because gas consumes more than 50% of the total end product). it requires 165 KWH to produce 4 gallons. so it takse 35 KW to produce one gallon which is 35 lbs of CO2. Thats strictly electricity. no pollution generated from the refining process or anything else(transportation whatever you wanna call it) your car produces something under 20 lbs per gallon(Theoretical max is 20).

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