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Anyway the point above is wherever you produce more emissions is where the most efficiency(fuel/power) is most important above all else.

Even if you want to talk about U.S. refineries producing less emissions Texas City refinery(BP)
produces. . .All Polluters in City | PlanetHazard to pull the data from here its under BP Amoco Texas City chemical plant.

1,600,000 NOx(I will assume its grams if not all bets are off, although industry standard measurement is m3(multiply to get grams)). But even if its just grams
thats 182 grams per hour or .00024 grams per gallon. As I said though its likely measured it m3 and is much closer to the numbers provided for Chiba.

And yes the 35 lbs of CO2 plus other emissions(several pounds of hazardous coal waste) just for the electricity to do it, unless your power comes from something other than coal.
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