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Originally Posted by Duffman View Post

I donít care about China, 1) they donít follow EPA regs, 2) None of my fuel comes from China, if anything, China imports Fuel from North America. 3) Lets see some links to the data instead of some random numbers on the screen.
As I also said you have to look at the big picture. Not just your car, not just US refineries, not just any one specific source. The more gasoline(diesel) you use means the more has to be produced. It of course is a microscopic percentage of the total gas consumption, but every car in NA has the same issues. If you can decrease the united states gasoline consumption by 1% then its more that Chiba doesn't produce. I am well aware they will produce gasoline almost as fast as they can. On the same note if someone else is importing it it makes it slightly harder to compete and shifts up the market a little.

1.25 units of energy to produce fuel 1 unit out from fuel. if you increase your efficiency 1% there is a 1.25% savings at the source because it takes 5 units to make your 4. if it were 1:1 emissions control would be somewhat important in relation to FE. It's not. It's 1.25 to 1. Also the method of conversion uses a fuel thats dirtier to start with. 2.5 units of the 5 to make it are much dirtier than gasoline or diesel.

As I said if you can cut emissions without slipping MPG by a single drop, thats worth it. Otherwise the refineries, power plants, diesels, pipelines, gas stations those things will produce more pollutants than you did to start with.
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