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Many thanks for your instructions and photos.
I just installed a block heater in my 2009 Matrix XR with the 2.4l engine. I purchased a Phillips and Temro heater at a local parts store for $45 - a lot cheaper than the $85 the Toyota dealer wanted. Plus the dealer wanted $100to install it. Anyway, your photo of the location was a great help. The hole in the 2.4 is in the same location as in the 1.8 and I had little trouble finding it. Installing it was another matter.
First I removed the bolts holding the air cleaner housing in place and lifted the unit out of the way. However, there was a heater hose blocking the way. I decided it would be easier to go under the hose rather than remove it. So after a few contortions I was able to get the heater in the hole and push it in. I rotated the unit until the metal clip caught on the block. It was very tight and it was hard to see what I was doing. Routing the cord was very easy. I did what you did - around the battery and out at the front of the grill. Anyway, I'm very happy at saving a few bucks by doing it myself and thanks, again.
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