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Blower tried while driving!!!

So I usually drive gently, starting in 1st, and then 2nd to keep the amps down........


Well, maybe I shouldn't be too cocky right now, but I did lots of HILL driving and start and stop driving IN 2ND ONLY!!!! I was using 160-200 amps consistently. I don't even drive that jackrabbitish in my Kia Spectra. The blower was barely audible. The sound from the motor and the sound with the blower is about the same. When I stopped, the 2 gauge cables were warm, but the motor stayed cool (well just a hair warm, but mostly cool).

Granted, I only drove for like 10 minutes, but in that time the motor would have been warmer I think. I need to try a longer drive and see if it keeps it cool then.
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