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I have 2 questions to enter into this discussion.

Originally Posted by Duffman View Post
Ian, most measure grams of pollution per HP. There is no doubt that emission control devices cause engines to burn some more fuel, but I have seen comments like his on various other forums, such as how can burning more fuel reduce emissions? Well it can and does, go do some research or ask a question before spreading mistruths and acting like you have a PhD in the process. We all become stupider every time we read mis-information, I donít stand for it.
#1: How is it even possible to reduce emissions at MY tailpipe, not accounting for the oil chain, by increasing fuel consumption? How does the excess fuel help to reduce the emissions? I ask this out of honest ignorance, and a lack of keywords to Google.

The only thing I have to compare is wood burning, wherein getting as much fresh air to the fire as possible results in reduced ash in the fireplace and soot up through the chimney. Throwing more wood at it usually results in the opposite effect. Obviously gasoline is different, but what am I missing?

#2: Why is CO2 ever, and I mean EVER mentioned in topics of pollution? It is not a pollutant. Anyone who thinks differently should start saving the planet by discontinuing their personal oxygen aspiration habits.
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