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Originally Posted by tasdrouille View Post
The unchosen, have you read my post, #17 in the thread? My 9 yo car emits at least 8 times the nox of the new model. Yet, the 2009 still manages to get very decent mileage.
Yeah I did. I believe you were talking about a TDI(or a diesel engine). I acknowledge that your 2000 emits 8 times more NOx and gets less mileage.

I didn't say don't worry about emissions. I said. . ."If you can cut emissions without costing an extra drop of fuel, do it." Apparently the emissions on your diesel do not cost you any extra, if you regulate them.

On the same token you also have to account for the idea that (hopefully) the engine and systems in the car have become more efficient over that time period. So, it may be the the emissions regulations in your car are costing you MPG, but the drive systems overall have advanced at virtually the same rate. I'm also hesitant to speak on the subject because I am not terribly familiar with diesels. I am aware that injecting small amounts of water vapor into the exhaust eradicates most of the emissions which does not really hamper drive very much(it creates slight back pressure that is not desirable but is negligible).

Nevertheless, I would ask you to read my post. The point is when you want to talk Global, you have to look global. If we talk just about your car. . .we discover the universe is over-unity. Because mysteriously you have diesel(gas) in your engine and it creates power in the motor, but you are not inputting anywhere near that kind of power. You sit down depress the pedal and go.

I am also aware that the refineries and power plants(I actually was not able to discover their pollutions level in anything other than CO2) produce less NOx and SOx per gallon than your car. That said several pounds of hazardous coal are dumped into the environment and 370 lbs of CO2(to fill my car) are dumped in as well. The numbers are greater for diesel because this only accounts for the production lines in gallons gasoline and much less diesel is recovered than gasoline.

I have no problem with limiting emissions so long as it does not cost any MPG in the vehicle. I don't agree with trashing the environment and like the idea of limiting how much we dump. Having said that, increasing FE is the single greatest factor in total emissions(for transportation) and increasing it decreases emissions.
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