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Yeah I divided the electricity production in half to get just the coal. The total energy per gallon of gasoline is 37 KW. Coal produces 2.17 lbs of CO2 per KWH so. . .I just rounded down because it was easy.

I am interested in seeing the statistics for the electricity numbers, because a couple of other sites indicated that outside of a tiny part (the amount they could produce by burning the gases they can't use) all the electricity came from off site. But even the fuels that they can't sell, they can also only burn so much of it and then have to sacrifice some of its power to emissions(so taking the percentages of "lost fuels" and using that to calculate is not relevant because they produce substantial amounts of hazardous waste, which is consequently why monitoring the "torch" or "burner" has been such a big deal since refineries were regulated.)

I definitely disagree with the idea that government thinks about things before it does it. I don't remember the exact number but last year when the ESP went out they spent something in the neighborhood of 42 million dollars just to mail out notices to people who would(or would not) be getting them. If you noticed virtually none of those were delivered due to errors in the USPS regarding those specific letters. 42 million dollars is small change to the government but when your budget is not balanced and your deficit is out of sight the last thing you need to do is spend money.

Also said same system makes rules regarding tax returns for specialty needs children that says you have to mail in your claims and they have to arrive within 30 days of march something. On that note they do not process the requests until 45 days later and then they mail out a notice telling you they need more paperwork and you have to file a special appeal that has to be done within 60 total days of the original date. leaving you more or less just one day to find the paperwork they need and get it back to them and file an appeal to review the case with a revenue agent(the paperwork has to arrive before it can be reviewed). If you want to say they think things over carefully go ahead, but not many people will agree with you.
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