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bbjsw10: hey, can you clarify something about your installation of that Kat's heater on your Geo? (Can't tell from the photos). Do you have the Kat's heater set up so that the heated coolant from the heater is first being directed into the heater core in the passenger compartment and from there travelling to the engine block (and back to the Kat's)? Or do you have it arranged so the heated coolant is first being directed into the engine block (and from there into the heater core in the passenger compartment)? I have to choose between these two configurations and can't decide which would be best.

I bought 6 feet of heater hose today and am finally ready to install my own Kat's heater on my ride ('90 Acura). I'm going to tap into one of the heater hoses. I had considered employing the engine block drain plug in my install, before I realised it's buried beneath the exhaust manifold and pretty much inaccessible. I also rejected the idea of tapping into the lower radiator hose.

Thanks for any info.
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