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Long Distance (4.6 mile) hard driving test of blower

I drove the car 4.6 miles with several small hills along the way, using pretty heavy acceleration. The fan was on the whole time. When I got to my parents' house to watch a movie, I checked the motor temp out.

Result: The top half of the motor was "gently warm". The bottom half of the motor was "hot" but not as hot as without a blower.

Hmm... Any suggestions on getting the bottom half cool???

Idea #1: Take the blower off the top, attach a hose that splits into 2 hoses, and have one hose attach to a hole in the top of the motor, and the other hose attach to the bottom of the motor.

Idea #2: Buy another blower, and then have one mounted on each side of the motor (no room under the motor because of the piece of wood splash guard)

Idea #3: Move to Alaska. That'll keep the motor cooler than a frozen monkeyturd.
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