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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post

Idea #1: Take the blower off the top, attach a hose that splits into 2 hoses, and have one hose attach to a hole in the top of the motor, and the other hose attach to the bottom of the motor.
Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Idea #2: Buy another blower, and then have one mounted on each side of the motor (no room under the motor because of the piece of wood splash guard)
Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Idea #3: Move to Alaska. That'll keep the motor cooler than a frozen monkeyturd.
BAM! (I actually hate Emeril.. but it was funny in my head.

Anyway, have you ever considered fixing the fan that's inside the thing? Or directing the airflow through where the OEM cooling fan used to blow...

I wonder if a larger fan pulling air through the motor would do you any better than the one you're using now? Perhaps something connected to the shaft of the motor on the other end, with a shroud around it?

Sure, technically, it's more drag on the motor, and will cost you distance... but you said yourself, you're not going as far as this thing will go anyway, and it might net you more distance in the long run by running the motor cooler.

Another consideration on the same thing might be a thermoswitch-controlled fan that pulls air through the motor from the open end, but isn't directly connected to the motor... i.e. has it's own smaller motor.

It won't take much more than a radiator fan to cool it, so it shouldn't be an issue finding something to use.
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