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I'm afraid that yes it is. Every generation tries to be as different fron the previous generation as they can.
I see the X-Box and Cube craze as rebellion from the previous generations rounded 'bar of soap' look.
The X-Box and Cube are as extreme as you can get - take a few boxy shapes and add little wheels to it.
It's different looking, and people go for things that look 'different' .
I think what helped the Scion Xb ( "X-box" ) sell so well is that it was marketed to teenagers. Toyota even set up an entirely new brand to seperate it from 'normal' cars.

Chevy created Geo as a seperate brand, but failed to market it as a 'cool' car that appealed to younger kids. The fact that the X-box and Cube, the Mini, and especially the 'smart car' are small cars that actually appeal to kids is proof that apparently 'smallness' in a car can be immediately overlooked if the car has a 'cool' image to it.
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