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So whats the difference between the aluminum tank heaters ( Kats 13150 1500 Watt Aluminum Circulating Tank Heater: Automotive)

and the red ones? ( Kats 12080 850 Watt External Tank Heater: Automotive)

just looks?

I think Im gonna buy that 1500 watt aluminum one though. Its only a few bucks more than a lower wattage one. I should be able to run it for less time, and its thermostatically controlled too I believe. Any reason why I shouldnt go for a 1500 watt unit?

Edit: unless I wanted to try rigging up my 750w inverter to a say, 500w heater so I could run out to the car on my last break at work (anywhere from 2-4 hours before Im out of work) to start it on a timer to run for the last half hour or so before I get out of work. But then who knows how long my battery would last. Its a new napa battery if that means anything.
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