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Originally Posted by bhazard View Post
Edit: unless I wanted to try rigging up my 750w inverter to a say, 500w heater so I could run out to the car on my last break at work (anywhere from 2-4 hours before Im out of work) to start it on a timer to run for the last half hour or so before I get out of work. But then who knows how long my battery would last. Its a new napa battery if that means anything.
I wouldn't do that. Your headlights can kill your battery and they only draw about 100 watts. Maybe if you had a deep cycle battery you could get away with it.

Actually I had a similar idea though. I was wondering if it would actually be feasible to run one of these while the car is running. On bitter cold days my car never actually reaches normal operating temperature unless I am on the highway for an extended period. And any attempt to use the heat just makes it worse. I've blocked off most of my grill openings and that helps, but it would be nice to be able to give the heat an extra boost.

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