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About a third of it was coasting with the engine off. It was a very gently rolling terrain with the downhills so gradual that no other car would have been able to maintain speed on them (Wayne mentioned that even a HCH or Prius wouldn't have been able to maintain speed on them without having to use the engine). From a topo map, there was a net 20 foot drop from start to finish on that 8 mile segment. There was a light front quartering headwind. I reset the MID at the start of the return leg after Wayne had a chance to get a feel for what my car could do. The engine was warm as I had recently gotten back from giving someone a ride. That 93.8mpg was the average over that segment, which included accelerating the on-ramp onto the interstate, cruising on the interstate, exiting the interstate and catching 2 red lights on the way to the dealership. Wayne mentioned the total lack of wind noise in my car and the sturdiness (lack of popping, grinding, and other noises from the mods) of the mods. He also mentioned that he could probably have gotten 120mpg if my car had a lean burn engine and that it could probably remain in lean burn to over 80mph. One of the reasons that Wayne ridge rides is to catch the attention of overtaking traffic that something is different (driving slowly) about his car. He found that with my car he was catching the attention of overtaking traffic without having the ridge ride.

The good mileage was a combination of low Cd and driving technique. The low Cd enabled Wayne to FAS on very gentle downhills that would have been impossible to FAS at highway speeds with any other car, so he could spend more coasting with the engine off than he could if he had been driving the HCH.

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