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Heck yes you can over-volt your motor!

Originally Posted by elanmel View Post
In an earlier message you briefly discussed overvolting your motor, but haven't done so yet. Do you think this would be possible with a 48 volt motor? The forklift guys say there are 72 volt units out there but they are rare, heavy and expensive.
My motor is a weenie 24v 60 pounder! I'm running it at 72 volts with no problems. I didn't advance the brushes or anything. If you have a 48v motor, feel completely secure in the fact that you can run it at 72 volts. 72v should get you up to like 45 mph I think. I don't think freeway speeds are practical at 72v. The current draw to be way too high. Well, maybe if your car is really aerodynamic. I have a ghetto super beetle, about as aerodynamic as a yeller monkeyturd (an un-aerodynamic one). At 72 volts, it's top speed is about 45 mph, but 35 is more practical to keep current down.
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