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Originally Posted by s2man View Post
I'll have to disagree too, malibuguy. While that blanket statement may be true when searching for maximum HP, the FE goal is to increase torque at lower rpm's. The link you supplied to (nice link BTW) shows they got max torque up to 2000rpm using only a 1.1:1 rocker ratio. That would drop a stock lift of 0.414 to a mere 0.304. And all the economy SBC cams which I can find specs for, have reduced lift and duration. So 'undervavleing' seems to be the way to go for FE.

plym49 - another trip back to, for spec's on my rockers, shows that not only does my 2.2L have a SBC profile cam, it uses the SBC rockers too! Sweet. If your experiment works out, perhaps you'll sell me four of your unused rockers

oldschool - any clacking at low rpm with your anti pump up lifters?
OK. If I do this I will let you know. I think that a set of 1.3 break-in rockers is about US $100, and I believe that they are only sold in sets of 16.
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