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Er...I don't recall mentioning a Bike Computer-did you find one at Instructables? I'm just going to fasten a small box to the handlebars, bolt the HO switch to the underside and a Voltmeter to the top. The local Wal-mart does sell a self-contained gauge though-Speed, mileage and clock, uses a watch battery. I doubt i'll go fast enough to need one, but at $5 I might pick it up anyway.

Nice to know you can get 20 KM on hills with a Starter motor and 18Ahr, but i'd need over twice that for even a Grocery run-of course i'll still have my pedals (huff, puff, puff...). This is where the PVC Pipe Trailer would come in though-4 extra Batts wired in parallel to the main circuit would triple the range while remaining at 24V, for 60+Km(38 miles) and still have space for about 3 ft of cargo. The bad news of course is a) I can't afford ANY batteries right now and b)i'd have to charge six batteries in a row with ONE charger! Of course by the time I have money for 6 Batts I might have enough for a Marine Multi-charger w/ separate ports for each cell...after I get my next Temp job of course-

(razzzefrazzen Recession...)

Still, I can bolt on the mountings I need and use the Bike as is until I get my next check-after that i'll have at least the two Batts for Power Assist and use my legs for the most part(wheeze, gasp...).

Glad to know you like the HO switch idea. The box acts as both a Potentiometer and a Voltage limiter, and if you reside near any Model Railroad stores you could probably find the odd one available (the 12V are far more common though). I'm only using one because my Dad used to collect Train sets-I cleaned out the barn last month and found all my EV parts just sitting there! I checked the corners for some NiMHs or NiCads but I guess that would be pushing it...
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