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Originally Posted by tasdrouille View Post
The IAT sensor is in post IC piping. I don't see the point of having the IAT before the turbo. The air gets compressed, then cooled by the IC, if the ECU wants to know the IAT for anything useful it's got to take it after the IC. My experience has been that IAT sensors near or integrated with the MAF are mostly seen on N/A cars.

The cooled EGR does not affect the IAT readings as it's located right at the intake manifold.

Most MAF sensors need the temperature of the air right at the MAF in order to accurately figure out how much air is flowing through them. In a modern diesel actual manifold air intake temps aren't usually needed as they know how much air is going into the engine from the MAF reading. This is usually sufficient for emissions control.

I'm not familiar with the volkswagon engine and emissions controls so I'll take your word for where the iat sensor is located.
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