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this is called piggy backing.

or a liar box. (some commercial boxs , lie on inputs and to the actuators (injectors)

why do this, ?
you will trip up and cause the ECU to go to limphome when it discovers your messing with the inputs. (each is different and you'd have to learn yours the hard way)

course you can do small changes, as many have done.

but any change will be altered by the O2, unless you have this remapped it,as you say.
in analog electronics this is just offsetting. (gain)

if you really want to do it right, just buy a Megasquirt and tune it.
one path , all solutions and no surprises.

I have one on my sidekick and was doing lean burn. (i designed a PNP harness and it uses a stock sensors and a wide band O2)

it does work but there are lots of down side. Nox for one . Ping is the other.

i am now running a special cam shaft . I am retuning the car for this new low end torque mod. ( i can enter 5th gear sooner and this is great around town)
no data, got lots of work tuning it.

One trick i have learned and not seen here is adding a R/C (resistor cap ) filter on the
TPS output, (pot adjusable) to limit the fast foot Enrich mode.
this will for sure save gas, but car will be slugish off the line or passing,etc.
(a delayed slugishness)

thanks for the post. dont let me detract you. Just wanted to point out other options.

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