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GOOD NEWS! I passed 2 weeks ago finally after getting an o2 that worked. Additionally, I bought a $330 carb CA approved obd2 OEM header/cat which lowered NOX and rest to very low values (post later). Course the smog tech scratched his head with the D15B jdm stamp...but was ok with the vtec-E valve cover & excellent results from the sniffer. Now to turn in these 2 fix-it-tickets for expired tags .

41mpg my best with mostly freeway driving. I strongly suspect this block is higher comp then the Z1, of which i've seen an imported Z1 besides my vtec-E D15B.

My exhaust from A pipe back is 2" so I shall be going back to the oem 1.75" piping very soon and will be curious if that helps the mpg. Maybe install a crane Hi-6R capacitive ignition i have laying around if i cant trade it for the smaller Hi-6.

Front tires = 13/185/70, rear 14/185/60
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